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The Art Direction Project, was a collaboration between the Master and Bachelor students at DKA.
The goal was for all students to try working as in a team with a formal structure on a 3D project. The students were tasked with setting up and managing a workflow and production pipeline within their team, and students were asked to volunteer for preferred development roles before the project started. 
The projects were created in Unity, and the usage of online assets were permitted.

Story and project background
Four scavengers go searching for valuables in a post-futuristic society. Beneath the ancient ruins they find something they don't understand, which turns their sense of reality upside down and blend the real with the subconscious forever. 

The project was conceived as a cross between highly futuristic technology and the drug-induced spiritual experiences that have been known through history.

Felix Schumann - Concept Art and 2D Art

Jacky Lai - 3D Modelling and Texturing

Jakob Bang - Direction, Sound Design and Scripting

Mads Arvedsen - Level Design and Narrative Design

Samuel Mathiesen - 3D Modelling, VFX and Tech Artistry

Sejr Thomsen - Story, Manuscript and Character Design


Numinous v1_0 Build-20210528T110529Z-001.zip 125 MB

Install instructions

Unzip project and Launch the game from the folder

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